Perfection in imperfection.

Being human is complicated.

Imperfect things we do in life makes us human in our own way and we all do them, that are such an essential part of being human.We don’t want to lose them, as much as they might roll us from time to time.

We all are perfectly imperfect just as we are.

Perfection is a human concept, the limit of a limited mind. There is never a fixed concept of perfection. It keeps changing.

So, what’s perfection? It is nothing but so called conditions in which we have to fit prefectly.

We may feel a tightness; an urge to keep our imperfections hidden from others. We probably wouldn’t want everyone to know of our addictions and failings, all the times we acted stupidly or selfishly, the times when we’ve lost control, lost our courage or lost our minds.Our attempt to achieve perfection has robbed our joys of life.

So try to be yourself perfection comes with a time and imprefection is that root of your prefection. Never bother about perfection do what u wants to do .

Be perfectly imperfect. Be you. Love yourself . Keep smiling. 🙂

SELF BELIEVE (Secert of success)

If anyone can do it, why can't I?

Gurpreet sandhu

It is my belief that gives me the strength to move forward at all times.This saying holds true in our walk of life.Success is not a dream if we set realistic goals and strive for them to achieved.

Some achieve without effort and some without much effort.Life is challenging with so many ups and downs, so we don’t have to run away from the battlefield, but continue until the battle is over.

Short story on believe

The Elephant Rope.

Once upon a time, a man saw an elephant camp where he spotted that elephants were being kept just by the help of a small piece of tiny rope tied with their legs, there weren’t any chains or cages used to hold them back.

Man was so confused as he just wanted to know that Why these elephants cannot just break the rope using their own strength and escape the camp?

As they could easily have done so, but instead they didn’t try to at all.
Freedom for elephants trapped at that camp wasn’t that expensive, the price was just a strenghtful pull which could have easily broken the rope.

So, he asked the trainer out of his curiosity and got a very interesting answer;


Elephants weren’t breaking the ropes because with time they had adopted the belief that it wasn’t possible for them and they cannot escape the camp ever. It was only the greatest hurdle in the achievement of freedom in their life!

The above story tells us that nothing is impossible, we just need to identify our own self to escape through any hurdle in life.

Source of story : Internet

The fact is that when we are not worried about the results, we focus more on our efforts and the result is much better than expected.

Always Think positive it gave you a hope which is a Life . Believe on your abilities you can win any sitution because a supreme power is in your inside only !!!!!!!

POSITIVITY (A life changing attitude)

Oxford English Dictionary, defined positivity as the practice of being positive in your attitude and focusing on what is good in a situation.”

"The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

Winston Churchill
"I’m a very positive thinker,and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments."

Roger Federer

Not only one thing makes our attitude positiive or negative there are situtaions conditions and circumstances which incurred in our attitude toward life . I don’t think there’s just one particular event or a particular thing that shapes our behavior and our temperament and attitude.I think and also believe that our behavior or our attitude is a mixture of many things that we have been doing since childhood. I would also say that everything and everything that revolves around us whether it is our environment or the people we belong to affect our behavior.

How to Think Positive?

Happy people seem to have a special quality.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s the quality of optimism!

The best thing of optimism is that it is a learnable quality. That means you can learn how to think positive by taking adopting an optimistic mindset.

Half glass full or Half glass empty indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for pessimism (half-empty) or optimism (half full), or determine an individual’s worldview. A half glass full always showing a postive attitude But question arries how pessimism is taken in positive.We can make that half glass empty s positive by the thought that someone had drunk half that water and left half the water that we can use to quench our thirst.This thinking helps us to make our negative attitude positive and we adopt positive things in every negative situation.

When a negative event occurs, remember that it is your response that really determines the outcome. Always look for positive feedback or optimistic lessons when such incidents occur.

Stay positive keep smiling it is a happy life mantra!!!!!!

Little but great “GRETA THUNBERG”

3rd JANURAY 2003 is the date of birth of the Swedish environmental activist Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg born.

Thunberg’s mother was an opera singer, and her father was an actor. Eventually Greta has Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder.People with Asperger syndrome tend to focus deeply on one idea or interest, and Thunberg’s cause became climate change.

She first learned about the issue of climate change when she was approximately eight years old in 2011, and within a few years she changed her own habits, becoming a vegan, upcycling and refusing to travel by airplane. This thing means if we want to some change we have to start from ourself .

For almost three weeks before to the Swedish election in September 2018, she sat outside the country’s parliament with a sign that stated “Skolstrejk för Klimatet” (School Strike for Climate) vowing to continue until the Swedish government met the carbon emissions target agreed by world leaders in Paris, in 2015 ( Paris climate agrrement). When she started protesting, her parents did not support her activism.

Her protests went viral on social media.By December 2018, more than 20,000 students around the world had joined her in countries including Australia, the UK, Belgium, the US and Japan.In Haridwar, India, 11-year-old Ridhima Pandey joined 15 other kids, including Thunberg, in filing a complaint to the U.N. against Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey, arguing that the nations’ failure to tackle the climate crisis amounted to a violation of child rights.

She was named as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019.

Thunberg has no magic solution. But she has succeeded in creating a global attitudinal shift, transforming millions of vague, middle-of-the-night anxieties into a worldwide movement calling for urgent change.

“I want you to panic,” she told the annual convention of CEOs and world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January. “I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.” GREETA

This little girl inspires us to raise our voices in front of this deaf system.She inspires us that age is just a number. We can always win if we want to protest. As long as our demands are justified and for the wellness  of all.

She gave us inspiration to make our voice loud enough so that system pays heed to it.


SILENCE (An inner fighting sword)

In today’s fast-paced life, peace is a wonderful thing and people are recognizing its benefits and power.

Quiet for a time in a day can connect us, ease our minds and put us in touch with ourselves. Experts agree that we need to choose to make silence a part of our lives. So that we can give a relaxed time to our mind and try to recall every moment of our lives and put a smile on a face .

Give a break to you mind .


Three small words that saved my life because it always reminds me that there’s always hope for tomorrow and that there’s is always a space for forgiveness.

Too much excitement and noise can be overwhelming without a break. Make a conscious choice to keep your phone down and decide how you will use silence.It is very difficult to enjoy peace but spending time in silence improves our mental health which is one of the most important issues we need to look at in an epidemic.


  • By using of silence we can give a control on our minds.
  • It will helps us live consciously. 
  • By Using this you will become more mindful and self-compassionate.y
  • More profound thoughts comes with it .
  • Relationship are stronger by using this mind exercise.
  • Increased creativity by it.
  • Incresed in self confidence and communication level………

The power of silence and solitude leads to solutions. A quiet mind can hear the voice of the Universe, God and even your inner voice.

Meditation is the practice of sitting in silence and focusing on the present moment.

Getting up a bit earlier can be a good solution for a busy people in day time .

Get out into nature like go in park ,bank of river ,farm house…

Exercise is one of my favorite things to do during my time of silence.

Take a walk in quite place .

Yoga a great quiet-time exercise.

Reading habit also provide you a quite time.

Visit in Museums, art galleries, libraries, gardens.

Ride on a motorbike alone is My Best Quite Time and what is your quite time kindly write on the comments …….….

Thanks for giving your precious time to read my thoughts.

SIKHISM (The Religion of Humanity).

Ik Onkar are the opening words of the Sikh holy scripture shri Guru Granth Sahib ji . Ik Onkar is the statement of oneness in sikhism, that is ‘there is one God’.

According to Wendy Doniger, the phrase is a compound of ik (“one” in Punjabi) and onkar, canonically understood in Sikhism to refer to “absolute monotheistic unity of God”.

Sikhism is one of the youngest of the major religions and the world’s fifth-largest organized religion.Sikhism was developed through the spiritual teachings of Shri Guru Nanak dev ji, the first Guru and the nine Sikh Gurus who succeded him.

The Tenth Guru, Shri Guru Gobind singh ji , named the Sikh scripture Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji after his successor and establishing Sikhism as a eternal, religious spiritual guide for sikhs.

Sikhism rejects claims that any particular religious tradition has a monopoly on Absolute Truth.

Sikhism emphasizes simran (Meditation),which can be expressed musically through kirtan, or internally through naam japna (‘meditation on His name’) as a means to feel God’s presence.

Sikhism teaches followers to transform the “Five Thieves”

  1. LUST.
  2. RAGE.
  3. GREED.
  5. EGO.

Sikh in Punjabi means “ a learner,”

The Sikh faith teaches us the humanitarian principles of freedom, equality, and justice – the same principles this great democracy is founded on. 

The Sikh Identity

In 1699, the tenth and last living Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, summoned his followers to the town of Anandpur in Punjab; over 80,000 came. Guru Gobind Singh had a special plan to create a new type of human being which he called the “Khalsa”.

On that day, he gave the Sikhs a unique identity,this identity includes FIVE ARTICLES OF FAITH:-

  • Kesh (unshorn hair),
  • Kanga (small comb),
  • Kara (iron bracelet),
  • Kirpan (religious article resembling of sword, and
  • Kachera (soldier-shorts).

Gurbani proclaimed that God is the Father of all humanity and not just for any one particular community alone. God is nobody’s private inheritance. No one can claim a monopoly on Him. 

Sewa in terms of humanity.

Sikhism teaches that sewa is an act of service towards Waheguru and therefore must be done regularly in order to become closer to God.

Sikhs perform sewa in a variety of ways, such as helping the sangat and the local community.

Sikhs believe in the oneness of humanity. This is the belief that all humans are equal because they were all created by Waheguru. Sikhs also believe that Waheguru is present in every individual as the atma or divine spark.

The langar was introduced by  Guru Nanak, because of his belief in the oneness of humanity. He offered free meals to everyone, regardless of their caste, gender or wealth.

This means that they believe all humans should be treated respectfully and that they should not try to convert other people to Sikhism.

From the langar service to the free ambulance service to provide medicines at subsidized rates, the Sikh community has shown its lack of community spirit during the coronavirus epidemic.

In Delhi, now, gurudwaras have stepped up to even provide oxygen langars – helping thousands daily.

Types of sewa


When covid 19 start it is the incident which gives a sudden burden on health system which is not ready for taken such burden. Indians just felt relaxed at that time because as compared te world we had doing good with that health infrastructures.But in todays Scenario our health system has colapased.

This is the incompetence proof of our political parties that even after more than a year they have not been able to build a level best health system for us.

Democracy has disappointed Democrats around the world. We expected from democracy because it is a form of rule that recognizes the political ability of ordinary people to participate in decision-making.

Suffering, deep devastation and endless sadness overwhelm us because we are witnesses of death after death. Death is no longer a stranger, it has become familiar to a neighbor, a visitor, or even a family.We have seen death on the face, and found it cruel. We don’t know the people who died personally, we only know how many died. But we know that they left a part of us, and took a part of us.

If you ask any Indian, regardless of caste, creed, caste or background, about their number one desire for themselves and their family, 4 out of 5 the answere would be a Good health and prosperity.However, if this is the same person at the polling booth and you ask him or her about the first priority that determines his or her choice of candidate, health care may be the most unlikeliest answer.

If we look at the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, they are looking after the only referral hospital, Chandigarh’s PGI, which has been bursting with overload burben. Here are the horror stories of patients who fell victim to their fate in ambulances before they could reach the PGI .The sitution is pretty much same across India.It’s always a referel few hospitals like PGI and AIIMS that bear a total burden .Most states doesn’t Prioritise health care and thus health care system fails. The Covid-19 crisis has just blown the lid off this can of worms, which India must emerge as a true global leader to solve. Free and world-class healthcare can no longer be called free, because it is not free at all.


There should be a structural plan for setting up at least one PGI-level referral hospital in each district.Secondly,primary healthcare needs to be modelled around best global practices. The benefits of investing in primary healthcare far outweigh the expenses incurred.

Free, basic health care needs to be a priority for political parties and voters must rise above the politics of caste and politics that have these foundations in their manifestos.

The Expectation (To mislead life)

What Is Expectation?

Here are two definitions of expectation from the Oxford Dictionary.

A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

The belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Expectation is an event that is supposed to happen.My mother always says never expect anything from anyone because expectations is always doomed.An expectation that is a belief focused on the future may or may not be realistic. Less useful results lead to feelings of frustration.

Our expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality. Becoming more aware of your expectations and how they change your feelings toward your own reality.

The Categories Of Expectations






Are Expectations Always A Bad Thing?

No, there is nothing wrong with wanting something. Sadly, most expectations are unrealistic. Expectations have both good and bad sides. But remember, 90% of our problems are caused by expectations.

Expectations Can Be Problematic.

The problem with all of us is that we create a picture in our head that should happen and get upset because things are not what we expected them to be.

However, there is a simple formula.That’s to be expected unexpectedly. Then, someone jokingly said, “Even the unexpected becomes part of the expectation.”

How to Manage Expectations in Life.

Do your work ownself .

Don’t Depend on anyone .

Try to manage Time and work .

Give Yourself Time.

Mange your life ownself .

Adapt to Changing Expectations.

Don’t Judge Yourself Harshly.

Communicate About Everything.

Prepare yourself for Problems.

Predict Others’ Expectations.

Ready for Exceptions .

Be ready to face any situation.


Impacts of Social Media

As the time going social media take over our personal lifes. It is very difficult to identify the realism and fakeism .

Anytime I open any of my social media platform i will see all status bars are full of couples on their exotic vacations or fine dates, living the best life on the universe with overly cheesy, dramatic captions But every time there is a sad message or a break up message under those photos, one wonders what the truth was about that relationship.

Social media has affected our lives so much today that it has become very difficult to maintain privacy and recognize the truth of relationship.

Nowadays there is not much emphasis on going somewhere to enjoy but there is more emphasis on taking pictures while enjoying and uploading those pictures on social media.Some people go for holidays only for clicking of pictures. We are forced to judge our partners or relationships on the scale of social media. If you don’t write a dramatic caption under your spouse’s photo do you even love your partner? Questions Arises .

I have seen people fighting in real but Putting selfies with hashtag of “CouplegGoals” . I am not saying showing your love to the world, posting pictures, expressing your emotions for your loved ones is bad thing . My only concern is that there is No Barometer of social media to show your love for your loved ones.

It is not very important to go for a vacation every time but Enjoying every meal with family is much important in happy life .

The main purpose of social media is to connect with people and not to show off. Keep your life simple rather than complicated. Just stop comparing, you may lose what you have.Express yourself in your real life not on the social media only.

Try to be real and make your loved ones happy.......

“I” the First Cause of EGO.

Ego is the Latin word for “I.” So if a person seems to begin every sentence with “I“, it’s sometimes a sign of a big ego.

“I” a very short word but very important and thoughtful word. We always use the I at the very end in any credit game. Whenever we give priority to the word I, it always harms the relationship whether the relationship is in family life or in social life or in our working life.

Whenever a person glorifies himself, his ego is bound to increase. Praise is what people do. Praising yourself is not a praise. The praise done by someone reveals your virtues but the praise done by yourself creates your ego.Ego smacks of arrogance and No one likes to deal with people who are arrogant or who display ‘attitude’.

Gurbani sayings.

ਹਉਮੈ ਵਿਚਿ ਸਭੁ ਜਗ ਬਉਰਾਨਾ ॥ ਦੂਜੈ ਭਾਇ ਭਰਮਿ ਭੁਲਾਨਾ ॥

The entire world has gone insane in egoism. In the love of duality, it wanders deluded by doubt.

We must show ourselves as we are.People will not respect us by showing Arrogance’s .

So try to be yourself and Keep smiling. kyuki je ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA !!!

Do we inglecting our present?

Hey there !

This post is for students, professionals and all.
You may be thinking…….we are neglecting our present?…… What is meant of it?

so let’s begin….

We all are future oriented. We always like to be best in our life. Due to this we are always worried about our future. We think about our future so often that we forget the work we have at present. We are neglecting our present because of over thinking towards future and past .

Let’s take an example of college student
They are worry  about their future. They think whether they will pass the exams or whether they will get a good job.Getting worry about future is not a bad thing but over worrying unable you to use the present time . At present, they need only to study, if they are not doing justice to their study, their failer chances will increase .Today is the day we have the power to do anything. future is always uncertain so do today what u wants to do. Setting small goals in life and give your 100 % to achieve them.

Today is very important, We cannot change the past and the future is not in our hands.

Why you are constantly thinking about your future?

You have fears. That’s it.
You are scared of outcome, you are scared what will happen if things don’t go right. It is normal to have fears. But don’t let those fears overpower the immense strength you have.

Go ahead! Take the first step!
When you are in a constant doubt about your future, You are destroying both : the present and the future. At this time, you have to give your 100 % .When you give it don’t have to worry about the outcome.
Same goes for if you are a professional working in any field, you want more promotions , Increment any thing which satisfying you . Don’t waste your time thinking about it, but instead prepare yourself for it.

For some time, I too was lost thinking about future and all.. and it really messed up my mind. I realize Why should I waste the time I have to think about something that is uncertain.

This can also be considered when we deal with people. Sometimes, we waste so much of our time thinking that the person had tell me something bad, I will not talk to him/her …etc. Why we need to do that?

Question arrives:

Have you done anything wrong?


Then you should not think so much about it. Forget it and move on . This is your life which is very Precious .From now on, do justice to what you are doing .

Do justice with your present work , Future always be beautiful , Remembrance of past will not coming on your way.

life will be beautiful with beauty of work you had done in your present.

International Women day

I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved. –B. R. Ambedkar

Women are an most important part of society, whether in the form of mother,wife, sister, daughter,girlfriend, etc.

Role of mother in life.

First of all, Mother is a word which fills everyone with emotion. A Mother is certainly the most important human being in everyone’s life. Mother’s Love for her child certainly cannot be compared with anything. Her level of forgiveness is unmatchable. A Mother is capable of forgiving any wrongdoing. Mother is the most important woman in everyone’s life. A mother sacrifices her happiness for her child. No one else can care for their kids the way a Mother does.  A Mother is great and does not need anyone like me explaining that.

Role of wife in men life .

Behind every successful man is a woman. And if the man is married, then the woman is definitely his wife.
The role of a wife is so crucial that she can either make or break a family. She gives her husband the strength to succeed, she nurtures her children to stay healthy and do well in their life, and she has the ability to take care of every minute detail at home.
So, what exactly does a wife do that she is so important to her family? We list out the role of a wife in a man’s life. You may read about the role of a husband here.

  • Love him unconditionally.
  • Help him.
  • Keep his honor/ dignity.
  • Respect him.
  • Fulfil his needs.
  • Be faithful to your husband.
  • Seek his opinion.
  • Cook for him.
  • Respect your in-laws.
  • Take care of household duties.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be patient.
  • Educate your children.
  • Safeguard your home.
  • Take care of yourself.

Role of sister in life .

As someone with a sister, I can attest to the fact that it is, indeed, amazing. Yes, they can be a bit of a pain sometimes (especially when you’re dealing with a younger sister who just won’t leave you alone when you’re little) and of course, sibling rivalry just comes with the territory. But overall, a sister is the best gift your parents can give you. Not only does it offer two closets (or more) to choose from when you’re growing up, but as it turns out, having a sister is beneficial to both your physical and mental health, too.

Role of daughter in life .

A daughter  reasonably expects physical care and emotional support to a certain age, and parents might expect increasing domestic responsibility and self-direction with their child’s physical maturation.  Role anticipation occurs when the daughter assumes this will be true for her in the future.

Role of Girl as a friend.

The word “friend” is in “girlfriend” for a reason.Laugh at his jokes when they’re funny, and listen to his stories whether they’re interesting or not. Every girl wants to be the best girlfriend ever that’s why girls always put their best foot forward whenever they are with their boyfriends. Some of the ways to do this is to dress up well and take care of yourself so that you always look good. Just like women, a man wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman who treats him and his family well, and is capable of performing her duties as a wife and a mother.

The mirror( Inner view)

Mirror is commonly used for inspecting oneself, such as during personal grooming but i am going to talking about the mirror which is for our innerself. Refelective mirror is for our outer personality but inner mirror show us that how we are inside and how we have te behave in outer.

Way to see inner through mirror

Stand in fornt of mirror.

See in your eyes.

Rewind your daily routine.

Think what you had done.

Analysis yourself.

Elvalute all circumstances.

Think of what reaction you had done in that circumstances .

Is it good or you need change your behaviour on same.

Try to be your critic.

Try implement changes in your behaviour and see change in your attitude .

Your complications also be solved with this exercise . your confidence level also be high and life also relaxed.Inner critisim is the best way to improve your life style.The mirror shows inner and outer personality . Outfit should be perfect but inner also be prefect .

Love yourself the most and try to be make changes in your life . Always keep smile on your face.!!!!!!!!

Be optimistic not opportunist

Person with optimistic view has never feels down . Optimists accepts the conditions don’t blame anyone , they try to control conditions and they take it a positive But opportunist makes a way to surpass conditions but every time it doesn’t work.

Optimists always hardworking they don’t need to find a opportunities, opportunities finds them .

The minister

There was a king who once went to the jungle for hunting . He was accompanied by one of his ministers . While the minister was trying to arrow down a peacock , he happens to hurt the king’s index finger unknowingly . The king turns very furious . He decides to maroon the minister deep in the forest . Doing so, he starts off to his palace . On the way , he encounters some tribal inhabitants . They immediately take custody of the king and prepare him for a ritual sacrifice . While just about to kill the king ,one of them notices the king’s bleeding finger. He informs this to all his fellowmen . They then let the king go ,saying that an incomplete life can not be given as a sacrifice to the God .

The king realizes that the mistake committed by the minister has now saved him . He goes back to the minister , narrates to him what had happened , apologizes and thanks him . The minister being very optimistic , says that its he who has to thank the king for marooning him .

Bewildered, the king asks what for he is thanked ?

The minister replies that if he had not been marooned by the king , the tribals would have killed him for being perfectly healthy .

Saying so, the minister concludes that there is always something good in whatever happens . 

Lets look at the better part of things .

Optimistic thinking makes life easrier and happy.

Shine your personality

What is Personality ?

When you look up the meaning of the word personality in layman’s terms, you may find something like ‘that what characterizes a person’. In everyday life we use terms such as characteridentity or predisposition.

By Dr. Edwin van Thiel

How the people perceived you as the whole is the main characteristic of our personality .

How to improve your personality:-

Set a objective of your life  .

Make everyday count.

Be confident.

Improve your body language.

Be yourself

Be a good listener .

Try to be dynamic.

Love everyone .

Always show Smile on your face.

Socialized yourself. 

 Try to Self evaluate

Make a habit to take healthy food.

Try to be a Reader.

Improve your Command on language. 

Improvement in personality development makes you confident , self esteemed, and Postive thinker.

If we follow above improvements in our daily life will going to be great. 

Change of thinking also makes prospective change in your personality. 

Humanism to be controlled

Everyone here talk about me my myself only the selfishness in world is on high .The humanitarian ground become very low. Happiness and enjoyable human being is very rare to find .

All are in wrong propogandas of religion and politics. A honest and true human feel danger in this environment. Humanity is in danger.

Everyone need to find the wrong people and try to avoid like that they disappear from your life we have to fase reality that a standing with us planning something wrong for another they will any time make a plan for us also .

My mantras for happy and enjoyable life

Try to avoid bad company.

Try to study else anything newspapers, books, journals blogs it will going to help your life to upgrade .

Try to talk with yourself about your behavior on every situation.

Try to analysis yourself also.

Give time to your family.

Try not to be judgemental.

Try to analysis the situations ,every thing have some another aspect also .

Try to be Religious but not Radical.

AtLast but not least try to be a good observer.

The stratigical man (M.S.DHONI)

M.S.DHONI is the man i love to watch the most in sports they have the ability to do anything he is one of my role model.How they calaculate the game ,how there defencive strategy work and make opponent confuse is remarkable. The captain cool is the best tag to explain there behaviour.

Life outline

He was born at Ranchi ,Jharkhand on  7 July 1981. Hailing from a very small town of Ranchi, Dhoni dared to dream and with courage and guts make that dream a reality. 

Dhoni studied at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Dhoni impressed with his wicket-keeping skills and became the regular wicketkeeper at the Commando cricket club (1995–1998). After that he had played a under 16 matches in Vinoo Mankad Trophy.

He was a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur railway station from 2001 to 2003.

Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut for Bihar in the 1999–2000.Dhoni’s performance in the 2002–03 season included three half-centuries in the Ranji Trophy.

India A squad, he was picked in the ODI squad for the Bangladesh tour in 2004/05. Dhoni did not have a great start to his ODI career, getting run out for a duck on debut.

India were crowned champions in ICC T20 WORLD CUP as Dhoni lead the team to victory against Pakistan in a thrilling contest.Then he went on to become the ODI captain of the Indian team for the seven-match ODI series against Australia in September 2007.

Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won the 2011 ODI World Cup. 

Stat of Dhoni

Awards by Indian Government
• Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (2007)
• Padma Shri (2009)
• Padma Bhushan (2018)

• MTV Youth Icon of the Year (2006)
• ICC ODI Player of the Year (2008, 2009)
• CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Sports (2011)
• ICC Award for Spirit of Cricket (2011)

Finisher in style

MS Dhoni is tagged as the best finisher in cricket because he has this habit of taking the game till the end and finishing it off.

He likes to take this responsibility and has mastered this class over the years.

I got inspired by the way he had a control over the situations in game .If we make that control over life we will become satisified with our efforts in life and life become so easy and relaxed. If situations are in your control it is in your when to take 1 run and when you need to hit a super short and all problems resolved with that. 

Thanks dhoni sir you gave us very happy moments. we will always proud of you.

Elected Democracy for strenuous Autocracy .

During my schooling I had no interest in political science but while preparing for services I have seen it is very interesting and full knowledgeable subject. I had learnt a lot about how democracy and autocracy works. But In today’s scenario the democracy converted into elected autocracy.

Democracy is a form of Government where peoples chosen individual or a party to provding services for them and providing everything in good manner.But they makes laws only for there own welfare .We elect them but after election they neglect us.

Politicians converting this democracy into elected autocracy where there is no government for the people by the people its only the goverment is supreme power  .
Questioning against government is a anti national activity nowadays. Is this the example of democracy.

Peoples instead of respecting they afraid of politicians.While Media is playing role like promotor of government.I feel major role for change of discorse of democracy in india is weak oppostion.Strong leader in oppostion gives right path to government.

Autocratic sturture is also same as todays democratic struture as a system of government by one person with absolute power.We feel like we had elected a dictotor.

Time have come we have to stand for our rights and fight for our rights . We have to show our unity and dignity so that none is try to ruiens our dreams.

Charity (The Noble task)

“The word ‘charity‘ means generosity in giving something to the needy out of loving kindness towards them”.

Charity is one of the most noble tasks that a man can do in his life.According to different religious beliefs, our life on earth is just a transitory phase of an eternal journey towards salvation.So, this brief period that we are on earth, which we call life, has to be lived with a purpose.

In Sikhism the key teaching is Vand Chhakna which refers to charity- sharing what one earns, generosity, the giving of charity. This is considered a religious duty because Sikhs believe this encourages compassion.

Dasvandh or Dasaundh, literally means a “tenth part” and refers to the practice among sikhs of contributing in the name of the Guru, one-tenth of their earnings towards the common resources of the community. This is also referred to in Punjabi as “Daan” literally “giving” or “contributing” in charity.

 The idea of sharing and giving is symbolised by the institutions of langar (community kitchen) for the Sangat (holy assembly) that the Guru has established.

The concept of dasvandh was implicit in First Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s own Gurbani in the line:

ਘਾਲਿ ਖਾਇ ਕਿਛੁ ਹਥਹੁ ਦੇਇ ॥ ਨਾਨਕ ਰਾਹੁ ਪਛਾਣਹਿ ਸੇਇ ॥੧॥”
One who works for what he eats, and gives some of what he has – O Nanak, he knows the Path

Contribution toword society is also be praised and satisfied feeling ,getting blessing from charity is always make u happy. 🙂🙂


Attributes as causes of corruption:Greed of money desires. Higher levels of market.Political monopolization.Low levels of democracy.Weak civil participation. Low political transparency.Nowadays politics is only for criminals and criminals are meant to be in politics. Elections in many parts of the country have become associated with a host of criminal activities. Corruption in the Indian society has prevailed from time immemorial in one form or the other. The basic inception of corruption started with our opportunistic leaders who have already done greater damage to our nation. People who work on right principles are unrecognized and considered to be foolish in the modern society. Earlier, bribes were paid for getting wrong things done, but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time.Most Responsible factor of corruption

  • People in general, have a great thirst for luxuries and comforts.
  • Low Moral and spiritual values.
  • The salary paid to employees is very less and as a result of which they are forced to earn money by illegal ways.
  • Lack of Strong and stringent laws which gives no room for the guilty to escape.
  • Lack of ethical norms in peoples.
  • Rush to do work.
  • Low media freedom.
  • Corruption is related to the level of education.
  • A relatively low level of education.
  • In many cases, the employees opt for corrupt means out of compulsion and not by choice so try give a secure atmosphere for ethical peoples.

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